Friday, July 18, 2008

(29) Disjointed Genre Conventions

While genre is a fluid concept in text, the writer should have control of the genre for any writing. As with most issues related to writing, the decisions of the writer about genre should be purposeful, effective, and appropriate. [DELETE/REVISE]

Traditional views of genre overlap with traditional views of the essay in academic and scholarly settings. While a more authentic view of genre recognizes sharp distinctions among genres do not exist, writer must be aware of expectations for genres.

The sophisticated writer moves effortlessly among genre conventions, but those same sophisticated writers understand the limitations of each writing situation.

If a writer is composing an essay for a technical audience, an excessive use of poetic language may work against the effectiveness of the text, for example.

Writers should become expert in a wide range of skills associated with all genres; and then, be careful to incorporate them in effective ways.

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